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Will Planning

One of the most critical, but often neglected

parts of a sound estate plan.


What many Canadians do not realize

is that the failure to properly prepare and

thereafter execute one’s will is the number

one reason for excessive estate taxation.  


It can also contribute to a perception of

unfairness leading to family turmoil after one’s



Our 30 years of experience in dealing with

family estates has lead us to an approach

which allows our clients to cost effectively

produce a will - which we can thereafter review.  

This approach ensures both tax minimization

along with the optimal distribution of assets to

ensure family harmony after death.


We’re happy to provide this review to our client’s

without cost as part of our ongoing services.

Get started with our

Will Planning Workbook

Then save 10% on a

Formal Will


Save 10% on a Formal Will

We're proud to partner with Formal Will, one of Canada's leading providers of Wills.

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