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When Will You Retire?

The number one reason to

establish your retirement plan

now is the power that comes

from the self-knowledge and

assurance that you can retire

early, perhaps even on demand.

The number two reason:

Everything is better with your

plan in place.

For example, you’ll be able to

better enjoy an extravagant

vacation without concern the

cost is eating into the lifestyle

you’ve earned though your early, careful

planning. You’ll relish the surprise of an

unexpected baby late in life because

there’s more than enough (without your

working until you’re 70) to cover the new baby’s education. Your spouse won’t begrudge you a few rarified indulgences. And, you’ll explore the deepest creative and rewording aspects of your career without fear of upsetting the applecart, being unemployed as a result, or being berated by a small minded superior.

It’s true, a simple plan started as early as possible is the surest path to the kind of life that will spark the imagination of your inner child while catering to your adult tastes. Unfortunately, while it’s easy to get a solid retirement plan from MA Schneider Insurance it’s also easy not to do. The two parts that won’t be so easy are the enduring frets you have each and every day wonder if you can ever stop working, as well as, the period time when non-planners have more life than they have money.

But you were not made to live a fractional life on a fraction of your income for an increasing number of years. You were not made to be dependent upon the legislative whims of the government or the largess of philanthropic strangers. You not made to watch other people’s lives on TV while hoping your cable rates stay the same… No, you were made to live a life that others would watch enviously.

That’s why taking a few moments now, with the help of a financial planner, can bring confidence and comfort to you and your spouse, providing a clear path with a knowable point in time where you can be free to let your money do the rest of the work for you and you stop working for your money. To get started, go ahead and click the Contact button at the upper right of this page. You’ll be amazed before your half through with the retirement strategies that will be enlisted for you by your skilled financial planner from MA Schneider Insurance.

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