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- About Our Company -

We take pride in providing top quality, professional investment and planning advice with a very personal focus. We help people develop and achieve their financial goals for themselves, their families and companies in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

  • Calls returned promptly

  • Portfolios reviewed regularly

  • Happy customers abound

- Our Mission -

Wealth has its advantages—now it’s your turn.

Our mission is to level the playing field and have regular folks just like you achieve financial freedom and abundance in order to lead outstanding lives.

There are realistic and reliable financial strategies that can start out modestly and grow to rival those of the rich. Want to know why we’re so sure? Just ask any of the number of others who never would have believed they would have in excess of $500,000 in retirement funds—and who just might have been right it weren’t for the mission focused advisors of M.A. Schneider.

Now it’s your turn; you’re next. And, you deserve it. With just a little support, the money you work hard for will work just as hard for you ensuring at the end of a noble life you can live out your many remaining years without worry.



Many people have little idea how to best manage their debt, turn it into a tax deduction and eventually eliminate it altogether. We can show you how to become debt free years earlier.


Many savers have a jumble of investments with no coordinated strategy. The result is often mediocre returns with no sense of assurance they’ll arrive where they want at retirement. We can fix that.


Most people don’t know it, but the proper use of insurance can be one of the most profitable investments one can make. But do you really need insurance? Assessing your correct needs with the right coverage is a part of an overall successful plan.

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